Labour Mp Shabana Mahmood talks with Rugby East Members

Last night Rugby East members got an opportunity to talk with Labour Mp Shabana Mahmood.  They talked about issues of identity and inclusion and about the recent events at Westminster which formed part of the debate on the Radio 4  'Any Questions' radio program that evening.  

You can listen to the event here:

Additionally they also talked about the school cuts of which the host, Ashlawn school, is forecast to face $820,000 worth of cuts by 2019.  These figures are based on George Osborne's own data and estimated by the NUT and ATL union.  Many teachers were genuinely upset and fearful as to what this all might mean - claiming that it was deeply concerning.

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Scott Prior - Earl Craven - Labour - May 4th 2017

Scott Prior


Scott Prior lives in Earl Craven Division and is a trades union activist.  He is standing for the first time in Earl Craven.

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Matt Weston - Labour - Eastlands - May 4th

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Matt Weston will be standing in Eastlands - Matt is a graduate from Birmingham City University and is a local lad. He undertook a BSc Hons in Information and Communications Technology. He is well known in the Labour party and supported his father, Steve Weston when he was candidate in the past. Please welcome him as the candidate for Eastlands in this County Council 2017 Election.

Matt Weston for Labour on May 4th 2017

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Appalling attack at Westminster

Reports suggest the ongoing incident in Westminster this afternoon is extremely serious.

Our thoughts are with the victims of this horrific attack, their families and friends.  The police and security staff have taken swift action to ensure the safety of the public, MPs and staff, and we are grateful to them.

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Labour Warwickshire Councillors highlight unfair school funding formula

Tory's Governments new School Funding Formula is Fundamentally flawed 


Today at the Warwickshire County Council meeting Labour Spokesperson for education Councillor Dave Parsons put on record the Labours groups total opposition to the Tories new national schools funding formula.  

A formula which leaves the children of Warwickshire in the position of being 120th out of 150 local Authorities in terms of a funding allocation per pupil.
Councillor Parsons said that the new funding formula was not only unfair it was totally flawed and would almost certainly lead to falling standards in Warwickshire schools, he went on to say that he strongly urged this Tory Government to rethink this formula.
Local Labour Councillor Maggie O'Rourke said that she would do everything she could to ensure that Rugby children weren't disadvantaged.  This would include making representations to the local MP Mark Pawsey to lobby his Government on this matter.  she urged the Parents of Rugby children to join her in writing to their local M.P as well.
Jim Ellis, Candidate for Hillmorton said "As an advocate for quality education, having taught and frankly experienced how many doors in life are opened by a good education - I'm astonished by what is happening here, I back the Labour Cllrs 100%."

Another Rugby Labour Councillor, Mary Webb, who is a member of the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee said "Whilst I am happy to have a national funding formula, it seems extraordinary that an area like (for example) Rochdale gets £800 per child more than a Warwickshire child, yet the costs here are at least as much. This means that Rugby children are getting a raw deal."

The County Council Labour group argued that the formula should be a published national based figure with a clear and transparent criteria.  A formula that is not based on inherent unfairness.

Budget cut forecasts based on schools within your postcode area can be found here:

An example of forecast cuts in Hillmorton for example may be:





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Team Rugby Labour 2017

Cllr Ish Mistry - Admirals & Cawston, Candidate Michael Brader, Candidate Scott Prior - Earl Craven, Cllr Maggie O'Rourke New Bilton & Overslade,, Cllr Kieren Richard George Brown - Fosse, Candidate Jim Ellis - Hillmorton, Cllr Mary Webb - Brownsover & Coton Park, Candidate Bob Hughes - Dunsmore & Leam Valley, Candidate Howard Avis Bilton & Hillside

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There is "Something about Mary" - in Coton Park & Brownsover

Cllr Mary Webb is standing for Brownsover and Coton Park. As a local retired school teacher she is still active as a school governor and county councillor. Mary cares passionately about opportunity and life chances. Elect Mary Webb for County in 2017

Help her campaign in Coton & Brownsover Division: welcome her at the door - cups of tea or a smile works wonders - thanks!


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Huge thanks from Cllr Alan Webb in BENN Division

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Huge thank you to the large turn out for CLLR ALAN WEBB in #Benn today. Enormous amount of homes canvassed - over 800 homes!  Great reception too and a special thank you to Young Labour too for coming out and learning the ropes today - you guys are heroes!


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Maggie O'Rourke New Bilton & Overslade reaches out to residents



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Rugby Labour East Cleans up on The Great British Spring Clean

A few months back Rugby Labour East registered to take part in the national clean up campaign.  An open community campaign, it's aim was to bring everyone from across the community in one common goal - to clean up our social spaces and show a sense of community.

Today was a lovely sunny day - and Rugby Labour was able to work alongside - not only its own volunteers, but also hard working volunteers and wonderfully motivated employees from McDonalds and other independent groups.

Collectively they managed to pull 21 bags of rubbish which will be disposed of by Council.

Jim Ellis Video thanking volunteers here:

More here from the Rugby Advertiser:

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Jon Vickers & Jim Ellis from Rugby Labour 

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McDonald Employees offering support to Hillmorton - Thank you so much!

No automatic alt text available. 

The incredible mountain of collected rubbish! 21 Bags! 

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Brownsover Health Centre Plans

Cllrs Alan Webb Mary Webb and Ramesh Srivastava & Claire Edwards check out Plans for Health in Brownsover - photo's from Brownsover Patient Action Group

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Clean up with Rugby Labour - Rugby East Labour

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It would be nice to meet you - walk the dog and pick up a bit of litter.

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Paddox & Hillmorton become one Division in Boundary shake up


Jim Ellis, candidate for Rugby Labour Hillmorton Division was Door knocking in Paddox today.

Since the boundary changes, which many local residents were unaware of, Roads from (Ashlawn end of Percival Rd) up to Balcombe and along St Johns to the Hillmorton Road are no longer part of Eastlands, but a part of Hillmorton Division in the County Council elections on May 4th.  

Boundary changes can be found here - enter your post code:

This change means that Jerry Roodhouse will be standing in Eastlands but not this area - which people were asking about.  Richard Dodd is standing down in the area too.

For many it was the first Labour face you have seen in a while.  

Normally Jim works the other side of Hillmorton but now it is amalgamated - you will be seeing him as a local face more frequently.

Jim Ellis was really pleased and honoured to meet you today.  

He said, "We worked as a team, knocking doors through from Balcombe through to Vernon Ave.  I met some lovely people today. The Boundary changes, with the amalgamation of Paddox into Hillmorton Division means that - some of you I have met for the very first time. I know its confusing - but regardless how you vote... It's a pleasure to meet you."

Jim lives up near the Paddox pub.  He is a local with two children in local schools.  He is fully aware of issues in the local area and is happy to engage with residents and work to find solutions.  He works in communications media and software development and from time to time is a part time lecturer teaching adults in Coventry.





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Rugby Labour County Council Candidates 2017 May 4th

Rugby Labour Line up - Warwickshire County Council Candidates 2017 May 4th

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Maggie O'Rourke your 'Hands on councillor' for New Bilton & Overslade

Helping Cllr Maggie O'rourke with New Bilton & Overslade today - great response on the doorstep - and with her experience and hands on approach - people were so receptive. Thanks to local residents who were happy to talk and chat.  

Maggie is a seasoned champion for community groups and also very experienced in NHS care provision.  We are standing to protect our services in Warwickshire... help us to help you.






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Mary Webb Experience CCllr, School Governor and Retired Teacher standing for Coton, Rugby

A very cold day - snowing and bitter, yet Coton Division met with local resident Mary Webb and had a conversation about Health and social care today.  Labour is fully committed to protecting our NHS, Social care and childrens centres.  

With so many cuts facing us - We are also keen to introduce measures to generate income for Warwickshire county council as the Government forces cuts to council of an additional 67 million pounds.

An experienced County Councillor and school governor and retired school teacher: Mary has a lot to offer the area.

Please consider supporting Mary on May 4th


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Message from Neena Gill MEP for West Midlands

For months we have been calling for clarity, trying to understand what "Brexit means Brexit" actually means. Over the last couple of weeks we have finally been given some details, yet we are no more hopeful than we were before. 


May's announcement that she intends to lead us out of the single market was disappointing. It was clear from the very beginning that remaining part of the single market whilst restricting immigration would be very difficult, but May has given up on the negotiations before they have even started. 
Considering she has shown this weakness already her lists of demands; staying part of the customs union and the best possible access to the single market, is, extremely ambitious. This government is acting as though this will be a negotiation between two equals but isn't showing the mettle to be taken seriously. May's placid dealings with Trump demonstrate the level of desperation her government is at.

This is particularly troubling when the EU27 seem more united than ever. Guy Verhofstadt has called May's plan an illusion, whilst Lars Rohde, the governor of Denmark's central bank, has maintained that Brexit will be more painful for us than it is for them.

Of course, I hope that May is successful and gets all that she has asked for; as are many of my Labour colleagues who spoke up in Parliament this week. The vote passing with a landslide was no surprise, the majority of MPs from both sides of the aisle maintained they were going to respect the referendum result. 

Yet as many were quick to point out, Parliament needs to have a key role in the negotiations. We cannot allow May to walk away with no deal and turn our country into a bargain basement tax haven, as she has threatened to do. That is not what the people of this country voted for. 

While the UK economy has not tumbled off a cliff, it's becoming increasingly clear the prospect of Brexit is not doing it the world of good that Leavers promised;  an Ipsos Mori survey of senior executives from more than 100 of the largest 500 companies found 58 per cent felt last year’s vote is already having a negative effect on their business. Business leaders have voiced concern about losing competitive advantage against European rivals if tariffs rise after Brexit, which will add to the costs of producing and exporting goods. Theresa May turned her back on the single market, claiming that a trade deal with the US can make up for the loss of access to the world's largest trading block.  Well, Former US Ambassador Gardner sees it differently, explaining that Trump’s enthusiasm for bilateral trade deals is born from his desire to put “America First” meaning Britain would be disadvantaged in any future talks.

In the European Parliament, following an unprecedentedly open and nerve wrecking competition for the highest post in the Parliament, with the support of liberals and conservatives, Italian Conservative MEP Antonio Tajani has been elected as President of  President of the European Parliament. Tajani, a former spokesman for Berlusconi, is a champion of the austerity agenda. Not surprising that Tories feel close to him.  Yet how can liberals justify teaming up with someone who has a track record of turning his back on equality and civil rights? Although conservatives are now at the helm of all three EU institutions; The Parliament, Council and Commission - the Progressives are still the second largest group in parliament. We will continue to stand up for jobs and growth and provide a clear alternative vision to that of the conservatives, neo-liberals and national populists.

I will continue to keep you up-to-date with my work as well as the latest developments in both Brussels and Britain. As always, you can also follow me on TwitterFacebook and visit my website for my regular updates.

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Cllr Steve Birkett resignation

Dear Residents of New Bilton,

To day I can confirm that Steve Birkett has resigned as councillor for the New Bilton ward with immediate effect.

Steve is a very valued member of the Labour team and he has worked tirelessly in the New Bilton ward.  

He was a very active member of the Save Oakfield recreation ground campaign and made a massive contribution to community events locally including the edible garden at Jubilee Street.

Steve has moved to Lancashire to be close to his family.  Since he no longer lives in Rugby he felt he could not represent residents in New Bilton as fully as he would want to.  

The Labour Group wishes him every good wish for the future and he will be very sorely missed as a colleague, community activist and a friend. 

Rugby Labour

Benopeninginauguralmeeting.jpg  13416850_1360849057275457_1415786521685187258_o.jpg  




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Warwickshire County Council Budget 2017-18 

Labour Councillor Alan Webb (Brownsover) today said, “Thursday was a difficult day for Warwickshire County Council. The massive £67m cuts by 2020 being forced on us as a result of the Conservative Government ending its central grant funding has meant that many services have been threatened with being withdrawn completely or much reduced. I’m pleased to say, however, that a compromise budget was reached between Labour and the Conservatives.

Dan Jarvis: The lack of investment is deeply concerning.

More than 350 Sure Start children's centres have closed since 2010, only eight new centres opening over that period, according to parliamentary answers.  Labour MP Dan Jarvis says government has broken its promise to protect the scheme and is risking the wellbeing of children

“None of us wanted to vote through these cuts – certainly not Labour. But we had to balance our budget as legally required and we fought to support those services that protect the most vulnerable. The consolidated budget contains important Labour principles including the support for children in their early years and protecting the elderly. There are now fewer cuts for Supporting People and helping our older population to live in their own homes, fewer cuts for Children’s Centres, fewer cuts for our Youth Justice system and elsewhere. At the same time, we proposed investing in improving transport infrastructure in particular while supporting economic growth. This was an important opportunity to show all parties working together in difficult times. Disappointingly, members of the other political parties felt unable to support the consolidated budget.”

Councillor Mary Webb (also Brownsover) said, "I am really concerned that all of our young children receive the best possible start in life.  We have worked hard to build more classrooms so that there is a place in school in Rugby for every Rugby child.  Our youngest children need Children's Centres and there will now be no further cuts in the coming year.  I am also pleased that we are supporting our older residents."

Councillor Maggie O’Rourke (Lawford & New Bilton) added, “It is not obvious that the Tories would vote alongside Labour in its plans but this perhaps underlines the ‘right-ness’ of the proposals. We don’t want to make the cuts but the areas where we are securing expenditure are the important priorities for Warwickshire.”

Labour looked to safeguard some critical areas for the most vulnerable in our society. First of these was protecting Housing Related Support which helps the elderly stay ‘in-home’ and also provides accommodation for those people in transition such as the victims of domestic abuse.

Elsewhere, Labour argued that there should be no cuts to Children’s Centres over the next two years, i.e. in 2017-19, but the Tories would not accept this. The compromise was to see budgets preserved until 2018.

Alan Webb said “The truth is that none of the other parties would have achieved this, no matter how much they may say otherwise. It is worth noting that the last cuts to Children’s Centres came as part of the £92m Cuts to the County Council – cuts that were forced on us by the Tory-Lib/Dem Coalition that saw the Children’s Centre budget here in Warwickshire reduced by 40%. In the years 2014-16 the Lib/Dems abstained as the Tories pushed these cuts through - a shame really. Labour took action to protect critical services for the coming year in the face of eye-watering cuts of £33.8m initially proposed by the ruling Conservative Group. It is very positive indeed that Labour has persuaded the Conservatives to support Children's Centres.

And by investing in the ‘Prevention Strategy’ that keeps the most vulnerable, elderly and frail people living independently in their own homes and less likely to end up in hospital, Labour believes this will reap financial benefits elsewhere through releasing precious bed-space and NHS resources.

Alan Webb summarised, "Labour believes that we need to invest locally in infrastructure, transport and housing. We have proposed setting up a municipal house building company and a municipal transport company in addition to the energy company announced last week. Only through investing can we make long-term gains for all of Warwickshire particularly in the face of the present cuts. Those investments will really bear fruit in the medium and long-term.”



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NHS cuts from next year despite Red Cross Crisis in hospitals


Labour said the Government should use the March budget to close the black hole opening up in the health service’s finances

The Government will cut the National Health Service’s budget per person in real terms next year, ministers have admitted in official figures for the first time.

Numbers released by ministers show NHS England will face a sharp reduction of 0.6 per cent in real terms of per head in the financial year 2018-19. 

The numbers corroborate claims by NHS chief Simon Stevens earlier this month that “in 2018-19, real-terms NHS spending per person in England is going to go down”.

The figures also fly in the face of the Government’s public insistence that it is investing more in the health service, with Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May repeating the mantra of an extra £10bn for the NHS.

That claim was debunked by the cross-party Health Committee in the summer, whose chair, Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, said the number was both “incorrect” and “risks giving a false impression that the NHS is awash with cash”.

Labour said the Government should use the March budget to close the black hole opening up in the health service’s finances.

In a written statement to the House of Commons health minister Philip Dunne said NHS England’s per capita real terms budget would increase by 3.2 per cent in 2016-17 financial year.

However growth would fall sharply next year, down to just a 0.9 per cent increase in 2017.

It would then go negative by 2018-19 with a 0.6 per cent fall in real spending per head in that financial year.

Growth would remain very low in 2019-20 at 0.2 per cent and 0.9 per cent in the years following. The wider health budget outside the NHS is facing even more sustained cuts, with two years of shrinking resource per head and a maximum growth rate of 0.4 per cent after this year. This includes staff training and public health.

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