Rugby Labour - raising funds to launch MP bid

Rugby Labour aim to raise election funds to support Claire EDWARDS bid to become Rugby MP in the 2017 national election.

Claire Edwards is launching her bid to become Rugby MP in this June 8 snap election.

Labour candidates have limited funding options. We are embarking raising funds and are asking for community donations to support the production of election material, much of which comes from member donations.

We aim to best represent our communities by being of them and working with groups within them.

Please help us fend off the Conservatives MP in his bid to resume his position as MP.  

His voting record can be found here:   Mark Pawsey's Voting Record

Contact Claire Directly: 07376896086 

Email Claire:


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Campaign help required

If you want to get involved in campaigning for our general election campaign, this is where you start!

We've had such a wonderful response from so many people that want to get involved with Rugby Labour, that we want to invite you to our meeting so you can find out exactly how you can help.
There is always work for everyone to do, so if you're unsure about going canvassing or you're not tech savvy, that's fine, we just want you to join our dedicated core of activists and help out in any way you can.
So, Whether you can spare an hour a week, or ten, it'll greatly benefit us in our upcoming battles.

Can't wait to see you.  

MONDAY 8th MAY 19:30–20:30

Rugby Indian Association
1 Edward St, CV21 2EZ Rugby, Warwickshire

Thanks - Rugby Labour Party
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Recovering & rebuilding our county and country starts May 4th

The Tories are taking Britain backwards. Working families are set to be on average over £1,400 worse off, while those at the top get tax breaks.
Only Labour will stand up for working people, by investing in a richer Britain — watch our video to find out more:

Labour will invest in a better Britain - The Labour Party

Labour's plan to transform the British economy:
• We'll introduce a real living wage of £10 an hour.
• We'll ban exploitative zero hours contracts to give real job security.
• We'll develop a proper industrial strategy to support our key industries.
• We'll establish a new national investment bank and regional development banks to drive investment.
• We'll end austerity and build world-leading public services by taxing the super-rich.
Share our plan for change today.

John McDonnell MP
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

PS — Look out for our Party Political Broadcast tomorrow at 6.55pm on BBC1.

Read more
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Protecting the Public from Tory & Lib Dem coalition cuts

There is that sinking moment when a Liberal leaflet come through your letterbox and you see a tirade of negative campaigning or distorted claims.

Once again, Local LibDem councillors are playing playground politics with a small group of councillors making a lot of noise.

They claim our amendment of a savage budget forcing ALL PARTIES to adhere to £67m of cuts was a 'secret' deal. Agreement on the county council budget was a very painful process with the aim of mitigating the effect of £67m worth of cuts over the next three years.  The alternative was an uncompromising savage Tory budget that Labour councillors could not bear to allow to pass straight on our communities. We were determined to take the sting out of it. 

Why? We know this is about real people having access to vital services.

So, Labour councillors made the brave, uncomfortable decision by brokering a compromise budget with the Conservatives despite the shocking level of central government cuts that had the full support of the LibDems in Coalition.

It's easy to write Slogans. They hide reality.  It's easy to stand next to a hole in the ground and look grim.  But that isn't action - it's in-action. However the question should be - why have they not fixed the issue - if they are currently the councillor in your area?

It's easy to point - harder to act.

LibDems say “Vote Red get Blue, no difference now”. Yet they have been working hand in glove since 2010.  They are complicit.

Labour councillors are of course not Tories. We are driven by our communities. If we had wanted to score political points, the easiest course would have been to vote down the budget and hurt those we care about. We didn’t.

”Grown Up Politics”

Yes - it's a cutting budget - we are faced with services being completely withdrawn now that Government grants disappear by 2019. This is part of the Conservatives agenda to reduce public services via Austerity. But now, due to Warwickshire Labour, there are fewer cuts for supporting people and helping older people live in their own homes, less cuts for Children's centres, & less cuts for Youth Justice,

By compromising, Labour invested in transport infrastructure, supported economic growth, protection for Housing Related Support helping the elderly and provide accommodation for people fleeing domestic abuse.

Matthew Weston 
Labour Eastlands Candidate

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Labour County Energy Plan

Labour’s Warwickshire Energy Plan

A ‘new deal’ is being promised for Warwickshire’s residents.

For many years the big six energy companies have been ripping off customers through complicated tariff choices while stifling competition in the market – keeping prices high and not passing on wholesale savings when the price of oil and electricity goes down.

Soon, residents in Warwickshire will have another choice; one that should save households a significant amount of money each year.

We are also looking to end pre-payment meters.

An innovative Labour Party plan was approved: Warwickshire County Council will set up a new energy supply service with the ambition of challenging the Big 6 Energy Companies in the local market, bringing lower bills for all.





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What does County Council do?

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Labour Mp Shabana Mahmood talks with Rugby East Members

Last night Rugby East members got an opportunity to talk with Labour Mp Shabana Mahmood.  They talked about issues of identity and inclusion and about the recent events at Westminster which formed part of the debate on the Radio 4  'Any Questions' radio program that evening.  

You can listen to the event here:

Additionally they also talked about the school cuts of which the host, Ashlawn school, is forecast to face $820,000 worth of cuts by 2019.  These figures are based on George Osborne's own data and estimated by the NUT and ATL union.  Many teachers were genuinely upset and fearful as to what this all might mean - claiming that it was deeply concerning.

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Scott Prior - Earl Craven - Labour - May 4th 2017

Scott Prior


Scott Prior lives in Earl Craven Division and is a trades union activist.  He is standing for the first time in Earl Craven.

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Matt Weston - Labour - Eastlands - May 4th

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Matt Weston will be standing in Eastlands - Matt is a graduate from Birmingham City University and is a local lad. He undertook a BSc Hons in Information and Communications Technology. He is well known in the Labour party and supported his father, Steve Weston when he was candidate in the past. Please welcome him as the candidate for Eastlands in this County Council 2017 Election.

Matt Weston for Labour on May 4th 2017

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Appalling attack at Westminster

Reports suggest the ongoing incident in Westminster this afternoon is extremely serious.

Our thoughts are with the victims of this horrific attack, their families and friends.  The police and security staff have taken swift action to ensure the safety of the public, MPs and staff, and we are grateful to them.

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Labour Warwickshire Councillors highlight unfair school funding formula

Tory's Governments new School Funding Formula is Fundamentally flawed 


Today at the Warwickshire County Council meeting Labour Spokesperson for education Councillor Dave Parsons put on record the Labours groups total opposition to the Tories new national schools funding formula.  

A formula which leaves the children of Warwickshire in the position of being 120th out of 150 local Authorities in terms of a funding allocation per pupil.
Councillor Parsons said that the new funding formula was not only unfair it was totally flawed and would almost certainly lead to falling standards in Warwickshire schools, he went on to say that he strongly urged this Tory Government to rethink this formula.
Local Labour Councillor Maggie O'Rourke said that she would do everything she could to ensure that Rugby children weren't disadvantaged.  This would include making representations to the local MP Mark Pawsey to lobby his Government on this matter.  she urged the Parents of Rugby children to join her in writing to their local M.P as well.
Jim Ellis, Candidate for Hillmorton said "As an advocate for quality education, having taught and frankly experienced how many doors in life are opened by a good education - I'm astonished by what is happening here, I back the Labour Cllrs 100%."

Another Rugby Labour Councillor, Mary Webb, who is a member of the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee said "Whilst I am happy to have a national funding formula, it seems extraordinary that an area like (for example) Rochdale gets £800 per child more than a Warwickshire child, yet the costs here are at least as much. This means that Rugby children are getting a raw deal."

The County Council Labour group argued that the formula should be a published national based figure with a clear and transparent criteria.  A formula that is not based on inherent unfairness.

Budget cut forecasts based on schools within your postcode area can be found here:

An example of forecast cuts in Hillmorton for example may be:





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Team Rugby Labour 2017

Cllr Ish Mistry - Admirals & Cawston, Candidate Michael Brader, Candidate Scott Prior - Earl Craven, Cllr Maggie O'Rourke New Bilton & Overslade,, Cllr Kieren Richard George Brown - Fosse, Candidate Jim Ellis - Hillmorton, Cllr Mary Webb - Brownsover & Coton Park, Candidate Bob Hughes - Dunsmore & Leam Valley, Candidate Howard Avis Bilton & Hillside

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There is "Something about Mary" - in Coton Park & Brownsover

Cllr Mary Webb is standing for Brownsover and Coton Park. As a local retired school teacher she is still active as a school governor and county councillor. Mary cares passionately about opportunity and life chances. Elect Mary Webb for County in 2017

Help her campaign in Coton & Brownsover Division: welcome her at the door - cups of tea or a smile works wonders - thanks!


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Huge thanks from Cllr Alan Webb in BENN Division

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Huge thank you to the large turn out for CLLR ALAN WEBB in #Benn today. Enormous amount of homes canvassed - over 800 homes!  Great reception too and a special thank you to Young Labour too for coming out and learning the ropes today - you guys are heroes!


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Maggie O'Rourke New Bilton & Overslade reaches out to residents



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Rugby Labour East Cleans up on The Great British Spring Clean

A few months back Rugby Labour East registered to take part in the national clean up campaign.  An open community campaign, it's aim was to bring everyone from across the community in one common goal - to clean up our social spaces and show a sense of community.

Today was a lovely sunny day - and Rugby Labour was able to work alongside - not only its own volunteers, but also hard working volunteers and wonderfully motivated employees from McDonalds and other independent groups.

Collectively they managed to pull 21 bags of rubbish which will be disposed of by Council.

Jim Ellis Video thanking volunteers here:

More here from the Rugby Advertiser:

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Jon Vickers & Jim Ellis from Rugby Labour 

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McDonald Employees offering support to Hillmorton - Thank you so much!

No automatic alt text available. 

The incredible mountain of collected rubbish! 21 Bags! 

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Brownsover Health Centre Plans

Cllrs Alan Webb Mary Webb and Ramesh Srivastava & Claire Edwards check out Plans for Health in Brownsover - photo's from Brownsover Patient Action Group

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Clean up with Rugby Labour - Rugby East Labour

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It would be nice to meet you - walk the dog and pick up a bit of litter.

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Paddox & Hillmorton become one Division in Boundary shake up


Jim Ellis, candidate for Rugby Labour Hillmorton Division was Door knocking in Paddox today.

Since the boundary changes, which many local residents were unaware of, Roads from (Ashlawn end of Percival Rd) up to Balcombe and along St Johns to the Hillmorton Road are no longer part of Eastlands, but a part of Hillmorton Division in the County Council elections on May 4th.  

Boundary changes can be found here - enter your post code:

This change means that Jerry Roodhouse will be standing in Eastlands but not this area - which people were asking about.  Richard Dodd is standing down in the area too.

For many it was the first Labour face you have seen in a while.  

Normally Jim works the other side of Hillmorton but now it is amalgamated - you will be seeing him as a local face more frequently.

Jim Ellis was really pleased and honoured to meet you today.  

He said, "We worked as a team, knocking doors through from Balcombe through to Vernon Ave.  I met some lovely people today. The Boundary changes, with the amalgamation of Paddox into Hillmorton Division means that - some of you I have met for the very first time. I know its confusing - but regardless how you vote... It's a pleasure to meet you."

Jim lives up near the Paddox pub.  He is a local with two children in local schools.  He is fully aware of issues in the local area and is happy to engage with residents and work to find solutions.  He works in communications media and software development and from time to time is a part time lecturer teaching adults in Coventry.





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Claire Edwards for Rugby MP 2017

Claire Edwards is launching her bid to become Rugby MP in this 2017 June 8 snap election.


We aim to best represent our communities by being of them and working with groups within them.

Please help us fend off the Conservatives MP in his bid to resume his position as MP.  

His voting record can be found here:   Mark Pawsey's Voting Record



Contact Claire Directly: 07376896086 

Email Claire:

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